When we were reviewing this footage someone from across the room said all the fish looked like a field of flowers. And while you may not want to stop and smell them, hopefully this colorful, underwater foray helps brighten your day.

Submerge yourself in beauty.

On a calm day, there’s nothing on the ocean surface to meet the eye. Yet dip below the waves, and you’ll find true magic. Dive with us to a reef a few feet below the surface and be amazed at the abundance of life that calls it home. It’s a mystical world of calm and color. Start swimming in its waters, even if you are nowhere near the sea. And be forever changed.


Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

Scene Count


This calming coral reef footage is one of our favorites from our visit to the wildlife sanctuary at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii. You can also join us for a nighttime dive with manta rays or get lost in cerulean light if you want to check out some relaxing footage of dolphins swimming through the tropical waters of the Kona coast.

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