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Meditation Videos by Spectiv

Meditating in the comfort of your own home is now easier than ever with Spectiv. Cancel out the world around you and focus on what makes this life so beautiful: the hum of a distant waterfall, soft wind blowing through big and beautiful trees, delicate snow covering a magnitude of mountaintops. It can be hard to appreciate things when they feel distant, and human nature sometimes leads us to take these things for granted. Spectiv brings the stunning beauty of the nature of our world to your very own comfort zone…in 4K and HDR.

Spectiv is meditation’s digital accessory.

Solutions for stress in our modern world have been exhausted in recent years, and people are getting more and more creative – but the stress levels seem to just keep rising. Technology is evolving, the marketplace is growing, cities are developing, and conflict and unrest churn on in inevitable ways. In some places it can difficult to find a patch of grass to sit in, much less a bush of roses to smell. Spectiv is a way to get back to the simple-yet-astounding beauty of nature from literally anywhere. Now even those confined to concrete boxes 30 stories high have a chance to hear a waterfall and the neighboring crickets flowing through their living room.

Discover a space to help clear your mind.

Stress elimination sounds great, but it can seem unachievable in our modern, fast-paced lifestyles. Let’s instead talk about stress management. Like managing a project, our physical health, or finances, it takes effort, attention, and discipline. People everywhere are turning to the ancient practice of meditation to breathe a little simplicity into their lives. There is a bit of a taboo associated with meditation in Western culture. Why are traditional meditators sitting that way? Why do they sit for so long, using gongs, prayer beads, and palo santo? How on earth am I going to clear my mind when I have so much to do? As humanity evolves, so does the practice of meditating. Methods vary person to person, but the most important factor of meditation can be practiced by anyone, anywhere: mindful awareness. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. How do you slow down, when everything in life is perpetuating the lie that you don’t even have time to breathe?
Meditation Videos by Spectiv

What is meditation?

Meditation can mean a lot of different things, but it generally refers in part to a mindful practice in which people engage to feel mental clarity and emotional calmness. As a result, there can be a newfound sense of gratitude, contentment, perspective, and a reduction in stress, anxiety and pain. It’s been in practice since antiquity and by most all cultures in their own way. There must be something about meditation that has made it worth keeping around, right? Meditation is about mental clarity through awareness. Awareness of breath, awareness of body, awareness of life flowing through all of us. Achieving this mental state of happiness can do wonders for physical and mental health. And Spectiv doesn’t directly offer instruction or enforce a particular method in our meditation videos, instead it offers beautiful imagery along with soothing music and natural soundscapes to help create the perfect calming atmosphere, to encourage whatever meditation works for you. Where typical television is meant to distract or numb the mind, Spectiv seeks to bring your awareness back to the reality of nature, making meditation more easy in a world where the goal of smelling the roses and hearing the birds can be difficult to achieve.

Easy at every step

Imagine how easy meditation would be in a distraction-free world. Imagine the refreshed spirit that would come from a life without constant buzzing cell phones. Spectiv is designed to make it easy for you to choose the vibe from our diverse library. With a wide range of categories and destinations, the right setting is always just a click away. By making Spectiv available across a variety of the platforms you already use everyday, we are working to take the stress out of stress-relief.

Tune in. And tune out.

Our team searches far and wide to curate a serene experience for these meditation videos that is created by nature itself. We then vividly display the content to bring reality to technology. Scenery that gives flight to the imagination. Music chosen to create a sense of peace in the spirit. Each show in our library is a 30-minute escape for concentration fueled by the serenity of nature and human imagination. Choose any of our stunning scenes and let them move you into your desired state of awareness, through harmony for the eyes and the ears. And with new content always being added there will always be something new to assist with your daily contemplative practice. With a 14 Day Free Trial, you have nothing to lose and a whole realm of possibility to gain. Try our meditation videos today.

“My boyfriend and I throw on spectiv every morning and watch a different one to start the day after we meditate…This is the best way to ease into our day! Thank you!”

~Melissa Z

A Different Kind of Streaming Service

Available on Roku, Apple TV, iOS, and web, Spectiv brings stunning, ultra high-definition scenery straight to your living room, office, or wherever you need. Transform your screen into a window to the world. Access an experience designed to help you unplug from what’s going on and breathe.Plans start at only $2.99 and are always ad-free. With no commercials and new content always being added, Spectiv offers the perfect escape from the stressors of life. Sign up now and get a FREE 14-Day Trial to discover everything Spectiv can do for you.

Television with intention

Meditation practice is just that: a practice. Like a sport or a study, it takes repetition and effort and an appropriate environment to be successful. Spectiv is meant to help catalyze clarity by eliminating the distractions of normal television that is meant to make the mind unaware of its surroundings, and replace it with beautiful footage of those surroundings. You won’t find rapidfire images, loud noises, or distracting voices. No interruptions. No advertisements. No mindless chatter. There is enough of that in the world that surrounds us. The stunning clarity of Spectiv imagery combined with astoundingly serene sounds of actual nature create a peaceful reality that can positively promote a more peaceful state of awareness.

Meditation Videos by Spectiv