A new vision for television.

We’ve made chilling out into a science.

Stressful day? Pick up the remote and make it better. Spectiv is more than beautiful imagery. It’s 4K video of the world’s most stunning locations, edited to beautiful, restful music. All to create perfect ambiance in your den or living room. Escape care on a beach in Tahiti. Or beside a mountain stream. Or stroll through a bamboo grove. With 50 shows to choose from and more added weekly, you’ll have a never-ending choice of new vistas to help refresh and recharge. That makes Spectiv an essential part of your relaxation routine.

Take yourself away.

Variety is the spice of life. It’s easy on the eyes, too. From the streets of London to a flawless beach to swimming with dolphins, there’s a Spectiv show designed to take you away, get you energized, or simply give your room a little extra décor. And with more shows being produced by Spectiv all the time, the view will never, ever get old.

Don’t just watch. Be changed.

With Spectiv, TV stops being a distraction and becomes something else. A source of contentment. A ticket to see the world. An oasis in your life. And a great deal more. Whether you tune in at home after a hard day or keep your customers in a relaxed frame of mind, Spectiv means you’ll never TV the same way again.