Let’s help you focus.

The most beautiful productivity tool ever.

Rule #1 for getting things done? Eliminate distractions. Because the more things that come swirling into your brain, the less you concentrate on the task at hand and your productivity suffers. With that in mind, we have a suggestion. Put on a little Spectiv while you work. Unlike other channels, Spectiv is designed to enhance mindfulness and concentration. Long, slow videos, along with tonal background music, help you dial in on the task at hand. And the better your focus, the better your productivity. So get Spectiv. And see what you accomplish.

Key to Focus.

One productivity guru, says it best. Before starting a task, “Take a minute or two….Let your body calm down before you approach your work. You’ll find it really helps you concentrate.” If calm turns you into a productive, focused person, then what better solution is there than Spectiv’s library of videos? From works of art to a cityscape in London to a Samoan beach, each video is almost a private retreat where you can find your groove.

Busy day ahead?

Sure, it seems counterintuitive. How can a video channel help you focus? And yet Spectiv does. There’s a scientific basis, after all. Long, lush videos of some of the world’s most beautiful settings, accompanied by rich tonal music are like catnip for your brain, stimulating it in ways that will increase cognition, focus, and memory. And the better those work, the better you work. So rather than distract you, Spectiv hones your mind. In other words, just put on the headphones, listen, watch, and see the results.

Put us on you to-do list.

With Spectiv at your office or in your study, you get more than videos. You get an environment, a place where focus and concentration reign supreme. Turn to your favorite video, sharpen your pencils, mute the phone, and get busy. Hit Play and the real work begins, one where minor noises and distractions don’t exist. What’s more, with Spectiv accompanying you in your day, you’ll not only work without distraction. You’ll work with inspiration, too. Great music and scenery provide fertile ground for your ideas to grow. All making our videos an idea machine for you.

Work Happy.

Even better, with atmospheric music and video tailored to clear the mind, you get to choose how to sharpen your focus on any given day. And with shows that last up to thirty minutes each, that gives you long stretches of productivity without interruption.

Tune in to Your Imagination

Focus and imagination. That’s how you get things done. And Spectiv is exactly the place to turn in order to find both. Whether on Roku TV, AppleTV or direct from Spectiv, it’s a really feel-good way to amp your output.