There’s One For Everybody

Go to your happy place.

When you have Spectiv on your Roku TV or Apple TV, you have more than something to watch. You have entertainment that will inspire your imagination. Distant lands. Scenic splendor. All the beauty the world has to offer, all at your beck and call. We at Spectiv have dozens of shows for your viewing pleasure. And by that we do mean pleasure. Breathtaking scenery. A visual feast, offered up in the highest possible definition. The sensation of going there, without ever needing your car keys.

The ultimate in reality television: Reality.

Scripts? That’s so…well…last season. Actors ad-libbing in reality TV is a yawner too. After all, with Spectiv, you simply pick up your remote, choose a place to go, and watch a world entertaining you at home. Write your own ticket. Write your own script. Populate your experience with players of your own design. Because we’ve created the scene, making the rest of it up to you.

Uncanny quality for superior realism.

Of course, how we shoot it is as important as what we shoot. Unbelievable 4K video delivers minute detail, making it easier than ever to be transported somewhere else. Music that inspires your vision. And every few days, something new and exciting to give flight to your fancy.

The next best thing to being there.

The best possible television show is the one that stars you. And Spectiv’s astounding clarity and color put you in every scene, whether on the slopes of Zermatt, on a Florida beach, or in an Alaskan fjord. After all, we shoot every show with resolution beyond the limits of today’s television to deliver the upper limits realism. What happens after that is truly up to your own imagination.

Choose your adventure.

It’s one thing to visit a location across the globe. It’s another thing entirely to have the world as your oyster. New continents, new vistas, and new experiences are all part of the Spectiv experience. We’re committed to inspiring you with shows where you write the script. So go ahead. Get out there. And see what you can find. Because we’ll just make more.