Spectiv is the digital prescription for stress relief.

it’s easier said than done.

Breaking news the challenges and trouble of life can be demanding and relentless; and most media outlets are only making it worse. Spectiv offers a solution to the global and growing issues of stress and anxiety. The destructive things affect the whole body, and especially the mind. It may even lead to medical trouble like constant neck and back pain. With Spectiv, you have the opportunity to relax your body and your mind at the same time, interruption-free. Relaxation shouldn’t be a once-a-year luxury; it is a day-to-day necessity. A clear and happy mind is the best fuel for the pursuits of fulfillment. We often de-prioritize healing our stress symptoms through meditation, all the while knowing that it’s the obvious solution for a simpler life. Spectiv takes away the complexities to make the treatment easy: tune into the app, let your mind escape, and reap the benefits of a powerful and focused mental state.


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Happy & healthy made easy.

Everyone has their own quick-fixes for stress, and many of them are not healthy or sustainable. It’s hard for people to truly find a way to ease the mind of the day’s activities without costing a fortune or further withering their health, adding to their levels of stress. Spectiv contradicts all of the norms associated with “letting loose” and leaving your troubles behind. It doesn’t require the purging of technology or taking time off work or spending chunks of change. Similarities can be drawn to the problem with diets and exercises. Once a year, you eat healthy and exercise more, and health symptoms improve for a brief period. But why are we using brief improvements for a long-lasting problem?

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Relaxation daily can prevent stress in the long run.

Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart issues, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. Travel vacations or financial improvements or lifestyle changes simply aren’t doing the job. They can come few and far between, thus making them not a suitable solution for an every-day and very serious issue. We have to stop saving stress relief for our vacation days or the chance we’ll win the lottery and start making it a part of our everyday health regimen. The costs of stress is high, but the cost of treatment doesn’t have to be.

Another big barrier to relieving stress: ourselves. For such a wide-sweeping health problem, it is also one that we make the most excuses to avoid, as if relaxation is a luxury requiring too much time and effort and stress is a cost of human existence. Spectiv takes away all the bleak assumptions about stress, and the complexities to curing it, too. We feel there is no excuse to putting ourselves first. Imagine for a moment doing all of your day-to-day tasks without stress…sounds great, right? You’re nicer, less flustered, more organized, and simply happier. When you start to get worked up about the little details and realities of life, turn on Spectiv and help remind yourself about the beauty this world offers and what’s really important in life.

Get to sleep.

Insomnia is a growing problem in this day and age (One in ten of us suffer from chronic insomnia), especially with human attachment to technology. What starts out as pre-sleep scrolling through your Instagram feed, TV channel surfing or watching YouTube Videos, can often end in tossing and turning that leads to sunrise dismay. Insomnia can feel like a progressive health issue that results in feeling less and less in control of the mental state. You find that counting sheep doesn’t help anymore. With Spectiv, you can put it on the screen and let us do the thinking for you. Our soothing relaxation videos auto-play, so you never have to search for the remote in the covers to get to the next show. The ambient feel of our scenery and music can help transport you to your dreams with ease.

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Balance stress relief with inspiration.

Spectiv is more than just calming videos of scenery in incredible clear quality. We show a variety of travel locations to fit anyone’s wanderlust. Believe it or not, some people wouldn’t choose a tropical paradise as their first vacation destination. We have beautiful old cities full of history and beautiful architecture that transport you to a simpler time. We have art shows that communicate centuries-old messages with soothing music and emotion we can feel even today. Our goal is to create a healthy and positive mindset for our viewers and show that there is a lot of providence to be grateful for in this life. Depression, pain and stress can make life feel hopeless, but Spectiv is an easy-to-access reminder that in fact, there’s hope all around us.

What is autogenic training?

Have you ever heard of it? It is rarely mentioned in talks on stress-relief, likely because of the taboo associated with the hypnotic state it can generate. Basically, you set your eyes on relaxing visual content that helps the mind “escape,” then focus on different parts of the body in a positive and relaxed way (i.e. “my right arm is feeling heavy,” “I feel warmth in my abdomen”). The results can be profound and are made even easier with help from Spectiv. Turn on the Spectiv show or playlist that makes you feel most relaxed, and let the content allow you to tune out any pain and worry. Then feel your way through the body to being tension-free.

Stress-free stress relief.

Spectiv is designed to be easy every step of the way. Our library of videos is accessible across a variety of TV streaming platforms and is easy to operate, making relaxation a relaxing process. Our interface also gives suggestions for relaxation throughout the day, because relaxation isn’t just needed at nighttime for sleep! See “Morning Coffee” to start the day on a relaxing note. Put on the “Productivity” playlist and stay relaxed and level-headed through the busier parts of the day. Choose where you want to escape to with “Destinations” or “Mountains”. No matter who you are, there’s a place for you to find support on the Spectiv App.