Oh, look. You can see the world from here.

Like being there. Without the jet lag.

Armchair explorers? Wanderlust? While there’s no substitute for being there, Spectiv is the next best thing in travel experience with shows shot around the world in ultra high definition. Whether it’s a street in Europe or the Alaskan wild, we take you there with astonishing clarity. And we’re just getting started. Spectiv will keep adding new shows shot in new places. That way, we ensure that the view from your den never grows stale. That is why, on Roku TV and Apple TV, you need to make Spectiv your destination.

We love to travel. Who doesn’t?

We love to travel. Who doesn’t? Several years ago, in our daily life and work around the world, we had an inspiration: Bring the world home for others to enjoy. We thought about the places we’d want to see and made it happen. And that’s how Spectiv was born.

But it’s more than just location to us. Instead, we work hard to capture the essence of a place, meticulously shooting and enhancing the images. Working to make sure the colors are just right. Taking our time to select ideal shots. Then marrying it to music that inspires contemplation. All making us the perfect destination after a long, hard day.

Immaculately filmed.

Part travel documentary, part expedition, we scout locations and compose shows carefully, then work in the studio to form the crispest and most authentic experience for you to discover and explore.

In other words, it’s what happens when pros put their artistry to work in the most scenic locations using the best equipment available. All so you can have the most realistic views of some of the world’s greatest places. Seeing is believing.

Less a show. More a wish list.

What’s your hearts desire? Paris? London? The South Pacific? Dream up a place, and there’s a good chance we’ve shot it. Or have it on our own list of places to shoot. We rack up the air miles to bring you the breathtaking and extraordinary. And we take you along, without even having to pack your bags.

If you don’t have the time to see the world, that makes Spectiv is the perfect option for armchair travelers like you. Let us put you in the scene. You’ll find that, for inspiring the imagination, Spectiv is your very best traveling companion.

And the results? Well, seeing is believing.

Take a Roman holiday. Hike a Utah canyon. Rollerblade on the walk in LA. It doesn’t matter where you go and what you see. We at Spectiv aren’t happy until our video has met the most stringent criteria—our own—for color, composition, and resolution. That way, you can be happy with what you’re watching, almost experiencing the view yourself. In other words, Spectiv transports you, allowing you to feel as if you’re there. It’s that real.