From rural to urban, from forest to city; see the beautiful juxtaposition of Japan. From the quiet bamboo trees to the sprawling technological skyscrapers everything grows and progresses.

Nature. Man. Harmony.

A Japanese garden. Where every stone, every bamboo shoot, has its place and purpose. It is more than a place to wander. It is an orderly world unto itself, a place for rest and peace. If you need tranquility and can’t fly to Kyoto at a moment’s notice, this show might do in a pinch. From rural landscapes to urban, from forest to city, you’ll see the contemplative splendor that is a Japan garden. Temples stretched out beside placid waters, arrow-straight stalks reaching ever skyward, and the prevailing belief in order and grace throughout. It is a place to contemplate. To meditate. And to explore. And find serenity within yourself.



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