Tranquil Transition


Mindfulness, loosely translated, is a heightened state of being where we are incredibly conscious of something or a mental state achieved through focusing on the here and now. When we envision mindfulness, thoughts of a health spa or yoga retreat may pop into mind, and so does time and expense. Contrary to the perception that today’s technological advances drain our energy, digital technology can afford us relaxation and tranquility, as a quick, simple, and inexpensive alternative to a spa day or weekend retreat.

Our Senses Help Achieve Relaxation And Tranquility


Mindful meditation using our senses to bolster relaxation, has a long history. People relax using different senses or by using all five, and it occurs sometimes so subconsciously we don’t notice it. For instance, when we catch a smell in the air, and it triggers a brief tranquil sensation or recollection. A representation of the conscious use of our senses to achieve a few stolen moments of tranquility is when we get a massage. In addition to touch, a masseuse applies a few other sensory tricks to spur relaxation like music and incense.


Spectiv, Mindfulness, And Visual Imagery

Spectiv understands visual imagery plays a big part in creating a tranquil and relaxing environment. Known as color psychology, as an example, we instinctively find shades of blues and greens calming because of the close relation of those colors to elements of nature like trees and water. We also derive energy from the bright yellows of a sunrise. Spectiv has created affordable packages to experience its massive library of videos to access anywhere, anytime, starting with its 14-day free trial. After this, packages start at 2.99 per month and up.


Achieve Tranquility With Spectiv’s Tranquille Video

Now you can achieve mindfulness anywhere, anytime, using Tranquille, just one of the dozens of video downloads by Spectiv. Have you always dreamed of a vacation to France? Travel to Paris in this 17 scene taste of the relaxed French life. Cook, paint, or take in views of traditional chalets, the Seine, Millau Vally, and a quaint village square at Christmas.

To view the full version of this video, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial to access all our videos.

In addition to Tranquille, take a look at these originals and dozens of other encounters in Spectiv’s library here:

  • Prelude To Possibilities– Eight scenes of hazy morning bliss in Hiwassee, Tennassee
  • Bison Time– Embark on a 22 scene tour of Yellowstone Park’s bison homestead.
  • Solar Majesty– Visit sunrises in 12 different locations from the US and abroad with 15 scenes.
  • Golden G.– Take in eight scenes of San Fransisco’s golden Gate Bridge and surrounding areas.
  • Brooklyn B.– See the ten scenes of the famed Brooklyn Bridge and the surrounding burrough.
  • A Sunset For Anne– Start your night by checking out one constant sunset scene in Destin, Florida.
  • Wading Into Sleep– Flyfish in Yellowstone National Park and feel like you’re there with 30 realistic scenes.


Plan A Get Away Without The Hassle


We all know the worst part of a great getaway is the preparation and the hassle of flying. You can now experience the visual pleasure of travel without making a reservation, packing one bag, or flying a single mile. Along with relaxation and meditation, you can use Spectiv videos for entertainment, decoration, productivity, and exploration.


How Spectiv Works


Enjoy Spectiv on all your screens in your house. It’s easy to sign up, download and start watching, all you need is a TV, high-speed internet, and a streaming device downloaded with the Spectiv app. The video platform is available on Roku, Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. We’re excited to offer more Spectiv devices soon. You won’t have anything to lose with the 14-day free trial and again packages start at 2.99, a small price to pay to get away.