Spectiv TV for Sleeping Soundly

Lack of restful sleep is a common health ailment affecting over fifteen percent of the American population. Over 60 million people suffer from insomnia in the United States today. There are a variety of methods aimed at helping to ease this issue, including meditation, white noise during sleeping, and various over the counter medications. Many Americans take pharmaceutical prescriptions just to be able to gain a good night’s sleep.

Spectiv aims to help the average American consumer sleep soundly each and every night for the full six to eight hours we’re all supposed to get. The Centers for Disease Control recommend that each individual sleep for seven or more hours every night. Those who sleep less than seven hours per night are more likely to have issues with their health. Lack of sleep can cause problems with cognitive impairment, exhaustion, fatigue, lack of work performance, and auto-immune related illnesses. Sleep is one of the most vital parts of a healthy lifestyle and Spectiv wants every individual to have access to this necessary daily reset.

Causes of Sleeplessness

Modern life is full of barriers to sleep, including but not limited to excessive work hours, excessive computer usage, daily stressors, and interpersonal conflicts. Whatever may be weighing on your mind during the workday, it’s likely that you will carry these stressors into your sleep time as well. This can manifest as trouble falling asleep, not achieving deeper states of REM sleep, and waking during the night hours. If you have serious issues falling asleep, you should let your doctor know immediately and ask for help. While you’re waiting on their diagnosis though, you might want to try out some of the sleep meditation videos below to see if they help any. Full access to the Spectiv ambient entertainment library is free for 14 days, so you might as well try out the soothing tones of ocean waves or the relaxing sounds of birds tonight when you’re getting ready for bed.

image of person who cannot sleep and alarm clock showing 2:25 AM

Television Programming

There is a variety of television programming aimed at helping people to achieve quality sleep. The majority of these programs rely on two components in order to create the desired effect of relaxation upon the viewer – audio and visual. Through audio and visual cues, the viewer is encouraged to enter a state of deeper relaxation and, therefore, be more likely to subsequently relax into a sleep state after or while viewing and listening to the video. Psychologists and doctors often make TV recommendations for their patients in order to help them fall asleep. Spectiv, however, offers something a bit different in terms of TV recommendations. We actually design and produce an entire relaxation channel with programs aimed to help you achieve better sleep, relaxation, focus and mental clarity. Our library of content is 100% designed to help you relax and unwind.

Spectiv Programming

These visual tracks are accompanied by a playlist that is meant to help you fall deeply asleep. Similar to watching a YouTube video of relaxing scenery and music, these tracks are complete with audio and visual components. When you watch our videos, you will naturally experience a state of deep relaxation. The content of these videos is centered around the natural world. We at Spectiv strongly believe that our videos are some of the most relaxing ones you’ll find for enhancing sleep, and they’re all available in stunning high definition. We are so confident you’ll love our content that we offer a 14-day free trial of our product, completely assured that you’ll find our videos peaceful and calming when it’s time to unwind and wrap up another busy day.



How Can I View These Videos?

Spectiv videos can be viewed from any mobile device, tablet, laptop computer, desktop computer, or television. You are able to try out Spectiv on your Apple TV or Roku home television set. You can stream these videos from literally anywhere in the world too, with a mobile device and internet connection.

What Types of Videos are Offered

In order to offer you an idea of which types of videos are offered by Spectiv, we have come up with a brief summary of three of our most popular sleep enhancing TV programming options below. All of our landscape videos have a focus on nature and the natural world. There are videos that are pastoral, marine centered, and desert centered. Through depicting imagery of these natural wonders, these videos assist you in relaxing to a state necessary in order to sleep soundly.


When counting sheep doesn’t work anymore, why not switch to goats instead? One of our most popular videos is called Goats! This video depicts domesticated goats grazing calmly in a lush green field. The goats are at peace as they slowly meander around the field, chewing on grass and nuzzling with each other. They go about their daily business, wagging their tails and feeding upon the fields. There is barely a noise except for that of the wind sweeping peacefully across the fields and the goats mumbling to one another. They shake their tales as they graze. The baby goats are adorable and follow alongside the Mama goat and Papa goat as they try to get in their daily nutrients of grass for the morning. The Mama goat shows the baby goats how to feed on the grass. Check out a sample of the content below, or unlock the full version with your free trial.

Hook, Line, and Simmer

This video is a favorite among our avid fishing fans. If you’ve ever fallen asleep with a line in the water, this video’s for you. The video depicts diverse marine life, showing various different boats out on the water as well. The scenes depicted include relaxing coastal views of the water and of vacant boats rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the sea. These videos are great for boating enthusiast or those who find sounds and images of natural bodies of water to be relaxing. There are images of marinas with the water swaying naturally at a relaxing rhythm. As the tides pull in and out, the boats slowly rock to the natural beat of the water’s motion. It feels like you’re there with a calming breeze and the gentle sounds of water in the background. Check out a sample of Hook, Line and Simmer below:

Peace in the Valley

In this video, the viewer can imagine that he or she has just finished a hike to the top of a desert mountain. The views from atop this mountain are pristine, looking out onto monumental rock faces. Additionally, there is plenty of natural foliage in the form of brightly colored flowers and verdant bushes. As the wind sweeps across the valley, the plants at the top of the mountain rustle peacefully in the wind. There is barely a sound in the whole valley, except for that of the wind whistling through the trees and foliage gently.

14 Days to Better Sleep?

If you’re on the lookout for relaxing sleep meditation videos to help you end the tossing and turning, we would like to invite you to try Spectiv out free for 14 days. Our premium ambient entertainment channel is available on Apple TV and Roku, as well as the Spectiv app. You can use just about any device to view our premium relaxation videos, so you won’t be counting sheep while you’re out of town on business anymore. Instead you can unwind and relax while calming music and nature scenery help you drift off to the land of slumber.