It would take thousands of days to fully appreciate all the beauty that Rome has to offer. Here is everything we could capture in just one.

Roam the world’s most romantic city.

It’s unfair, really. It should take thousands of days to capture all that Rome has to offer. But we’ve taken our very best shot at giving it to you in one nicely done show. The Colosseum awaits. The cathedrals. The unhurried pace of life on a flawless morning. Take your own guided tour in its piazzas and parks. Relax in the shadows of ancient buildings. There’s a reason Rome is known as the Eternal City. Because the images you see will make you want to watch this forever.


Rome, Italy

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The city of Rome is one of the oldest and most prestigious in history. It began as a small settlement, but has been an epicenter for power politics culture, and development since its inception 2500 years ago! During the height of the Roman Empire, each emperor has ruled over mighty Rome with their own set priorities; yet they have contributed greatly to what now stands today: magnificent monuments palace buildings temples that serve as incredible tourist attractions. Rome is of the oldest and most prestigious cities in all of Europe. Join us today as we explore its streets in high definition!

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