Feel free to hope and dream as you discover that feeling of potential that only comes in those early breaking minutes of dawn when it seems like almost anything is possible.

Dreams turn into motivation at the horizon.

Opportunities are like sunrises: if you wait too long, you miss them. The best way to secure a day full of chasing dreams is to start at the beginning. Prelude to Possibility sets the proper tone for success, slowly taking you through a purple, hazy morning on a Tennessee riverbank, morning lullabies from local crickets. By the time you finish this show, and maybe a morning tea, the possibilities are endless.


Hiwassee, Tennesse

Scene Count


Here’s a sample of the full-length version of Prelude to Possibility that’s available to all Spectiv subscribers. The scene begins with an early morning view of the riverbank accompanied by the sounds of birds, insects and moving water. You truly feel transformed to a more relaxing place as the sunshine starts to break through the fog that can be seen around the nearby bridge.

Prelude to Possibility was shot on location at the Hiwassee River, which is fed from a mountain gorge in Tennessee where many marshes and wetlands provide a stunning natural habitat for diverse wildlife. Join us as we visit the Hiwassee and take in all the natural beauty this river basin has to offer.