This black and white treatment mixes the relaxation of the beach with a little bit of thoughtful introspection.

All you need is a sea breeze.

The beach isn’t just a place to relax. It’s practically designed to inspire thought, even contemplation. Perhaps it’s due to the rhythm of waves cresting on the shore, or maybe it’s the heart wondering what’s beyond the horizon. Or simply it’s the blank slate of an open ocean that allows you to empty the mind of all your distractions. Whatever the magic is, our black and white treatment helps take things a little further. Grey Sand gives you the imagery of the beach and encourages a little introspection at the very same time.


Destin, Florida
Newport Beach, California
Key West
South Beach Miami
Gulf Shores, Alabama

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After a long day of work indoors, you may be feeling stressed out and cooped up. If this is the case for you then step away from your laptop for a moment to listen to soothing sounds of some of the worlds’s best beaches! Our video will help soothe those restless feelings after one too many hours spent toiling away. Whether it’s relaxing on an exotic secluded beach in Bali with soft sea breezes flowing through the palm trees-or lying back while contemplating life as if sitting poolside with a cold drink at sunset—this beautiful ambient relaxation video has got what you need: A place where all the day’s stresses seem far off, no matter how close they are. Click the button below to start your free trial of Spectiv and enjoy the full version of Gray Sand.