Relaxing videos of a warm and inviting bonfire.

Whether it’s a warm summer evening or a cold winter night, anytime is a good time to cozy up to a big bonfire. Warm up your screen and your soul with a red hot fire.

Looking for relaxing bonfire videos?

We’ve created one of the best relaxing bonfire videos you’ll ever find to add to your ambient entertainment collection. Flames Episode I was filmed outside our studio in high definition. It’s part of our full library of relaxation content available to all Spectiv subscribers.


Spectiv Studios

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Sample this quick clip from the full version of Flames Episode I that’s available to all Spectiv subscribers. There’s something relaxing about a warm file that takes us back to our primal roots. Fire and fireplace scenery is the perfect background video to play in your living room or office lobby on a cold winter day.

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