Warm sand and crashing waves will help you feel the nostalgia from vacations past or anticipate the ones to come.

Life’s a beach to us.

If you’ve never visited a Panhandle beach, then you’re missing out. It’s the Mecca for millions each year for good reason. Flawless horizons. Pure white beaches. And water as warm as your bathtub lapping onto shore. So if you’ve never been, then Destin For Summer is the next best thing, where you see all the warmth and glory of a Florida summer in breathtaking detail. From sunrise to a lazy day on your blanket to the gently undulating waves, this show will help recreate the peace you felt in vacations past, and whet your appetite for vacations to come.


Destin, Florida

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The Emerald Coast city of Destin Florida is the destination for white-sand beaches, challenging golf courses and world-famous fishing. With stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico in northwest Florida, it’s rightfully famed for sugar-white sands that were once Appalachian quartz washed down to the Gulf from many rivers over the eons before eroding into a fine powder by waves, which combine with sunlight and emerald green waters to create these gorgeous views.

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