Meditate in this magical, waterfall oasis. The falling water and shallow pool will wash fear and worry further and farther downstream, out of reach.

Mexico like you’ve never seen it before.

Some of our shows have to be seen to be believed. This one has to be heard as well. If you’ve had a stressful day, let us transport you to one of our favorite, restful spots. Close your eyes and listen to the waterfalls and let your imagination roam. Open them and see your imagination fulfilled. For we put you in a magical oasis, a confection of falling water and splendid green, the ideal place to meditate, to unwind, to forget your cares. Sit down beside the pool. Star into the impossible green of the lush forest. Take in the life-giving waters. Let them wash away fear and worry, taking care further and further downstream until it is out of sight.


Santiago, Mexico

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