Do you like L.A. beaches? Do you dream of rollerblading down the Sunset Strip? Are you a fan of Michael Mann movies? Do you secretly wear pants with crazy neon patterns? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, this is the show for you!

Showtime in Southern California.

Sunny beaches. Rollerblading down the Sunset Strip. The palm trees reaching up to perfect cloudless skies. Admit it. For people, scenery, and climate, there’s simply no place like Cali. And we take you to the Golden State for one eye-opening vista after another. Small wonder so many have come here to stay. View our show, and you may be singing a little “California Here I Come” as well.


L.A. California

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Southern California is so sunny, and has an amazing Pacific coastline to explore. The Los Angeles area is full of great beaches for any beach activity you can think of! Surfing might be the top activity in these parts but there’s also volleyball, camping, scuba diving and more. Near all those scenic Socal beaches you’ll find comfy hotels with tasty restaurants – not to mention many unique things to do such as surfing or tide pooling, which are just a few of the many fun adventures on offer here in Southern California. Want to see more of this video? Unlock your free trial of Spectiv below and access all our featured ambient entertainment and destination videos available on Apple TV or Roku.