The pressure of the ticking clock can be an obstacle to relaxation. You try to unwind but unwelcome anxieties keep stumbling in like a 1 ton beast of burden. Don’t run from them but invite them to join you as you remember the beauty of the present.

Excitement hides among stunning Yellowstone beauty.

Bison spend most of their lives moving slowly, like a river through deep mountain valleys. Perhaps part of their awe is the potential mayhem behind their unassuming demeanor. Want to observe their beauty without stepping into dangerous ground? Buy some time with Bison Time. This show encompasses a snowy morning in Yellowstone National Park alongside one of America’s largest animals.


Yellowstone National Park

Scene Count


In this sample video, we take a quick look at the footage that’s available to all Spectiv subscribers. The scene fades in as a large bison is seen crossing a field to join others who are grazing peacefully nearby. There’s a bit of snow in the background that can be seen before the video fades over to a snow-capped mountaintop and autumn trees that are beginning to show their colors as the seasons change. The final transition moves to a fenced pasture with a full view of the mountains in the backdrop.

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