Settle yourself into the green fields and blue lakes as you gaze up at the white snow-capped mountain peaks of Utah.

All the seasons. In one show.

Even at the height of summer, snow remains stubbornly present on the crown of mountaintops. It watches over the land beneath as crops grow, flowers bloom, and heavy coats are put away. Our show features the white-tipped mountain tops that remind us, even as temperatures soar and life emerges from hibernation, that winter is never far away. Majestic and cool, aloof and removed, the snowy peaks do more than remind us the change of seasons. They elevate the spirit and heighten in each of us the miracle of Spring.


Salt Lake City, Utah
Park City, Utah

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Salt Lake City, Utah is a stunning place for tourists in the early spring. The light snow that falls on their mountains paints them white and provides an eye-popping contrast of green valleys with snowy mountaintops.

The nearby Wasatch Mountain Range is loaded with hiking and biking trails, scenic drives, and many rivers to explore. You can go from Logan all the way down south past Provo in Utah exploring thousands of miles on these beautiful paths that will take you up into some pretty high terrain at about 9500-10k feet elevation! The highest mountain peak here is Mount Nebo reaching a peak of about 11,777 ft above sea level, while other significant peaks include Willard Peak, Bountiful Peak, mount Olympus, Mt Ogden, Lone Peaks and Spanish Fork Ridge. To explore more locations like this, click the button below and begin your 14-day free trial of Spectiv (Available on Apple TV and Roku).