Studies show that spending time gazing upon the hypnotic features of an aquarium provides many health benefits. Instantly transform your screen into a gorgeous aquarium and discover these benefits for yourself; without ever having to clean the tank.

Not a tank. A whole coral reef.

No filters. No weekly cleanings. No fish food or poaching by the cat, either. Just rich colors, hypnotic music, and (Of course) fish. Sit back and take in the view of a reef as its inhabitants glide past in the warm tropical sea. You’ll be mesmerized by the interplay of light and water, shafts of sun dancing on the coral formations, while music evokes the experience of being there. This show is more than just fish. It’s a deep dive into a different world, a place of contentment and peace. Where you can breathe deeply, immersed in an elemental world, and simply be. Think of it as decompression therapy, without the benefit of dive tanks.


Kealakekua Bay Coral Reef, Hawaii

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