The graceful light of a new day testifies, “Yesterday is gone!” No matter the troubles of the night before, joy can come with the morning. A sunrise is a perfect time to begin refreshed and renewed and this one is dedicated to Jørn.

Sydney Harbor at sunrise.

Wake up to the sunrise. Its graceful light testifying that yesterday is gone, and today is filled with hope and new adventures. So put your worries behind you. A clean slate awaits, one that comes from a night of sleep and renewal. So even if you are a night owl and just weren’t awake to see the dawn this morning, here’s your second chance for renewal. Arise refreshed, and make the opportunities that a new day, and new light presents. Filmed at dawn in spectacular Sydney Harbour, this show puts you in the moment as one of the world’s great cities shakes off the night, rubs its collective eyes, and greets the day. Dedicated to Jørn.


Sydney, Australia

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