Few things are more beautiful or graceful than a sunset. Every one signals another end, but an end with the hope of a new beginning. And this one is dedicated to Noëlle.

Nightfall. Brilliantly rendered.

One doesn’t simply watch a sunset. Instead, you are a witness to it. For sunsets are more than daily occurrences. They are events, the demarcation of one day from another, a curtain falling on yet another scene in the play of life. So we do justice to the occasion from our show, fully showing the rich colors of a setting sun and the interplay of clouds and water. Sit back and watch a day drawing to its close, fishing boats returning into shore, and a world coming into the realm of peace and rest. Few things are more satisfying than a sunset at the end of a full and well-lived day. Each signals another chapter and another end, but they also invite us to write new beginnings when the sun comes back around. Dedicated to Noëlle.


Navarre, Florida

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