Why Watch Relaxing Videos of Ocean Scenery?

A beach can offer a great view of the ocean, which often comes with a very calming effect. The calming effect that’s linked to the ocean can help with your overall mood, and in the process, help ease your thoughts.

Ocean scenery and beachfront views may help with stress relief for sure. Most people cannot make it to experience this calming effect of the ocean in person every day like we’d all like…but that’s okay! With Spectiv, and your phone or tablet, you can carry the ocean wherever you go.


We can actually get to watch it on video though from just about anywhere these days. Relaxing ocean videos are often available in 4K and very high HD quality, and you’ll see all the different species of sea creatures and the beautiful calming water, without ever leaving home.

In this article We’ll delve deeper to understand why watching the ocean is instrumental in giving you inner peace and calm. You can view a few of our videos below or access the full library of content immediately with a free 14-day trial of Spectiv.



Importance of Watching an Ocean Video

Like we briefly mentioned already, ocean videos are very beneficial to well-being. Discussed below are some of the unique benefits of watching these videos.

Watching Sea and Ocean Videos induces a Meditative State

Watching a video of water, either in the ocean or even a sea or lake, tends to mildly induce a part of our brain that brings us into a state of meditation.

You can sit and watch the gentle motions of flowing water together with waves on your HD videos for a similar effect. Even without being consciously aware, you’ll find yourself in a peaceful space of meditation.

What actually happens to bring about meditation is that the brain engages in sensory input, but does not get distracted by it. Meanwhile, your mind is fully engaged and interested in watching the water motions on the HD videos.

Watching calming ocean videos will result in you being in a state of mindfulness. This may help those in a state of depression, anxiety or even pain to find a moment of peace in an otherwise stressful day.

Also, you may be able to sleep better and have excellent focus and clarity mentally after a bit of relaxing meditation.

Watching Relaxation Videos Leads to a Creative Mind

Watching videos of the beaches, seas and oceans helps, in a great way to trigger creativity.

By watching these on HD mode, the mind is generally more engaged in watching due to the higher level of detail and quality.

In this mode, the brain is able to enter a partial daydream like state of relaxation. The science behind this is that in the process, the mind is able to consolidate memories and look at things in introspection; which is very important for creativity.

People who are accustomed to frequently watching these relaxation videos, say water in the sea and oceans tends to be extremely beneficial for creativity.

Stress Reliever

Watching videos of water may relieve you of stress because the brain will tend to take a break from over-stimulation.

The blue color of the transparent water has a calming effect that can make the brain push aside any stress and get into this space of peacefulness.

The sounds of water from HD videos that are ambient have been studied and may contribute positively to stress reduction.

Inspiration to Be More Connected and Compassionate

Watching the beach environment, sea and everything else around the ocean, has a way of making one feel more connected and compassionate.

This may happen because observing the transparent water activates a contemplative state of the brain that awakens a feeling of awe.

What this ‘awe feeling’ does is that it can make you feel more connected to the world around you. You may find yourself wanting to connect more with nature. An increased sense of connection may lead to an increased capacity to be more empathetic and compassionate.


It has been studied and presented in academic papers that sounds from sea and oceans may be very good at bedtime.

People who are not able to sleep well because of insomnia might also try playing some ocean sounds right before bed. The different sounds of the different species of whales and dolphins, wave crashing and many other sounds from deep depths underwater can be very calming.

The sounds from the ocean can play in the background and might help you nod off a little bit sooner. You might dream you’re actually on the beach. Unlike actually being there though, there’s no risk of sunburn from your TV screen!


What These Videos Typically Include

There are quite a number of things you’ll notice while watching an ocean video for relaxation. Briefly outlined below are some of the most common elements along with a few sample videos by Spectiv:



Fish -as already stated above, you will be able to watch quite a number of different species of fish beautifully swimming around in tranquil water. The most common species of ocean mammal that you might encounter are dolphins and whales.



Sounds from the shoreline– the shoreline will tend to have sounds that are beautiful to the ears as a result of the waters coming in waves continuously to the beach. The soothing consistent sounds tend to put us in a place of peace and contemplation.



Bright and vivid sealifeVideos shot underwater are typically full of vibrant colors of coral reefs. Schools of fish can be seen swimming in mesmerizing patterns through clear blue waters.



Dolphins at NightIn the video below, follow the Spectiv crew as they visit impossibly blue, tranquil waters. ‘Lost in Cerulean Light’ features dolphins swimming through a peaceful ocean.



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