Explore the World With Videos of Beautiful Landscapes and Locations for Meditation

The human mind has a natural tendency to equate a location with that feeling of comfort and well-being. A sea or ocean video can relax the mind, while a peaceful and beautiful landscape in nature can heighten the senses.

Why Are Beautiful Locations So Important When It Comes To Meditation?

There are a few reasons. First, nature provides the visual stimulus that the mind needs to relax. It’s no secret that we need to be physically active to feel good. A trip to the beach, hike up a mountain, or ride in an ATV through the woods provides the physical stimulation that our minds and bodies crave. But do we get as much mental stimulation from the calming sights and sounds of nature? We certainly do.

In addition to providing physical stimulation, a place – like a beach or a waterfall – provides a soothing environment that the mind and body need to release the everyday pressures of the world. A site such as this may make us forget about the worries and concerns of the day. The sound of water, the warmth of the sunlight, and the comfortable temperature of beautiful places provide a place of total calmness. It’s almost like floating weightlessly on air. And if a site has gorgeous scenery – such as a volcano or forests or a beach – then the mind and body are further able to unwind

Nature meditation-videos also provide ways to distract the mind from everyday concerns and problems. This phenomenon explains why 14.2% of adults nationwide have experienced some form of meditation. And it’s not just us adults that need to take a moment out to relax either. Statistics in the same article show the number of children practicing meditation has increased by over 800% since 2012.

When we’re pressed for time or pressed for thought, a soothing nature video can help the mind move away from the troubles of the day and dwell on the beauty and serenity of a far-away site. For example, you may tend to worry about your bills or your children. A video of majestic sunsets, forests, and trees can help you calm your mind. The soothing images and the sounds of the sunset will fill the mind with images of joy and beauty – which gives you something to look forward to in the morning when you rise.


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Improve Your Memory With Guided Imagery

But these aren’t the only benefits of watching videos of beautiful places. When you’re watching the video and listening to nature sounds and music, you’ll feel invigorated by the fresh air and the peace that comes from breathing in clean air. When you’re in a beautiful and peaceful location, it’s easy to let your mind wander and think of all the wonderful experiences you can have when you don’t have to sit in traffic. Your mind becomes a well-trained and versatile recorder of your life. Your memory records every thought and every breath and makes them available for you to consider later.

11 Possible Benefits of Nature Meditation-Videos

  • Lower stress levels may help to curb addictions.
  • Soothing background noise may help to improve sleep.
  • Taking time out for meditation can decrease stress.
  • Many report lower blood pressure associated with frequent meditation.
  • It may help us cope with pain better.
  • Meditation can improve emotional health and ‘connectedness’.
  • Anxiety and stress reduction are often listed as a reason people choose to meditate.
  • A few minutes of Mindfulness may improve attention span during a busy day.
  • Generates kindness and that sense of oneness with the world around you.
  • Taking time out to meditate sharpens self-awareness.
  • There’s even some indications it could possibly decrease age-related memory loss.

While videos of nature and landscape might help you focus, they are even more powerful when you incorporate guided imagery into your routine as well. Guided imagery is a set of techniques and tools that allow you to travel to the location and mentally picture yourself there. It’s as if you are visiting that beautiful location by being ‘guided’ by a voice. You can learn more about guided imagery in this article by Verywell Mind.


Relax and Meditate at Cascada del Chipitan with Spectiv

Take just a moment out to check out this sample of our full-length relaxation video featuring the beautiful scenery at Cascada del Chipitan. Close your eyes and listen to the waterfalls and let your imagination roam. Open them and see your imagination fulfilled. For we put you in a magical oasis, a confection of falling water and splendid green, the ideal place to meditate, to unwind, to forget your cares. If you find this relaxing, you’ll love the full version that’s instantly available with your free trial of Spectiv.

Videos Of Beautiful Places In Nature Help You Achieve Serenity

By using the video of beautiful places in nature during your meditation sessions, you’ll be able to stay relaxed longer and achieve more profound levels of relaxation. Each creates an atmosphere where you’ll become hyper-aware of the peaceful sound and sight of nature. It will take you to places where you forget your problems and enjoy the present. Achieving a meditative state this way allows you to stay focused and clear your mind of any negativity. You may even repeat one of the following mantras to enhance your experience:

  • I am that I am
  • Aum or the Om
  • Aham-Prema
  • Buddho
  • Om Mani Padme Hum
  • Om Namah Shivaya
  • Hare Krishna
  • Ho’oponopono


While freeing your mind from stress and tension, you’ll find that you’re much more able to experience the beauty of nature. Videos of beautiful landscapes and locations for meditation and travel can significantly benefit your meditation sessions. Don’t deny your mind the opportunity to experience the soothing effects of nature every day. Doing so will help you open your mind to a beautiful and entirely new world of happiness and contentment.

Get Rid Of All The Tension And Stress

The soothing videos of beautiful locations and landscapes help us relax in a better way while watching them. The benefits of these videos are so amazing that people want to watch them over and over again. They are a great inspiration for people who desire peace of mind and wish to live in the most beautiful places.

Viewing nature is an excellent way to clear your mind from the continuous buzzing of everyday life. You will find yourself getting absorbed in the beautiful landscape, completely relaxed. A beautiful location or landscape video can be a good break when you are stuck in a jam or need some time for rejuvenation.

The cost to access hours of beautiful nature videos by Spectiv is not expensive at all, and you can even try it out for free. Our videos are available on both Apple TV and Roku, and most are just under thirty-five minutes in length. Our library of content offers some of the most beautiful nature images around and may very well become your favorite meditation method.

For those looking for visual inspiration, watching nature may be the best thing for you. For those who are looking to deepen their understanding of meditation and discover new relaxing places to visit and explore, these videos will most definitely do the trick.


Visit the Snow-Capped Mountains of Utah From Your Living Room

Here’s another video you may find relaxing. Settle yourself into the green fields and blue lakes as you gaze up at the white snow-capped mountain peaks of Utah. From mountains to the ocean and everywhere in between, Spectiv takes you to the most beautiful scenery nature has to offer and you never have to leave home either.

Relax Using The Beautiful Imagery Of Nature Today

In the hands of an amazing videography master, each scene can encourage tranquility and calmness in your mind. There are various types of videos in different formats. For example, some focus on using soothing music, while others focus on visualizing a peaceful landscape.

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Once you log in as a member, you can view all types of amazing content from around the world. Meditate to calming sounds as you witness historical architecture, wildlife, underwater life, soaring birds, and much more.



Try Spectiv Free for 14 Days and Unlock Full-Length Relaxation Videos on Demand:

Looking for nature scenes and relaxing TV? Check out Spectiv free for 14 days.

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