The cold truth

You’re there and don’t even notice: exhaustion. The day’s been long and rough. Difficult. No time in the day to take a break before you’re off to the next project. Doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, all of us under the sun experience this at some point and now it’s your turn. Again.

There’s something about winters that drains a particular vitality in all of us. Whether it’s the cold, the lack of sunshine and Vitamin D or both, one ends up feeling the need to replenish inside. Somewhere in the bones, beneath the flesh. The body—past a certain point—needs to restore, recuperate.

Nowhere do the elements play their role quite like they do in winter. The need for shelter in the fleeting minutes of a sun’s farewell beneath the towering mountains running over that long horizon, closing the door of another day—hits us differently during this time.

The fire within needs the one without

We cannot deny the primordial serenity of flame. The crackling in all its splendor and brilliance as wood once standing firm to support its branches is consumed by tongues of fire for our aching muscle’s rest. Heat caressing our bodies, spreading everywhere, over everything.

You’re brought from a point of high tension and rigid concentration, gently cradled down to a pool of relaxing. Your wound-up nerves let go and all that was beating concern over you, takes a hike.

One Little Fireplace by Spectiv:

This is a 2:35 sample of ‘One Little Fireplace’ available on YouTube. For the full version, click the button below this video.

Fire has been shielding us from winter since time immemorial. Its safety and comfort keeping the harsh and bitter ice away. The flame, lulling us to the invitation we often forget, reminding us that for this brief moment in time, we’re permitted to close our eyes.

Take the beaten path back to slumber. Back to time dilated dreams and restoration. You needn’t read through the mounting research papers on the psychological benefits of this to know. Resting next to a fire, having a fireplace, can be extremely beneficial.

A solution in the loop of the rat race

But who has the time or money? Is there an equally useful alternative to maintaining a fireplace? It’s important to ask these questions, especially when considering the daily stresses of life and work.

Unless you can really afford it, chances are you’re not going to have a fireplace handy for when days get shorter and nights longer

When breaking it down, factoring costs like hiring a contractor and getting a quote before signing the paperwork, just adds to the likely overfilled dresser drawer of headaches already taking space. Definitely over a thousand dollars minimum. Variables like materials and time are just a few of the things subtracting you further from a better night’s sleep.

The inherent safety issues are another concern. You really do have to stay on top of a fire at all times, especially with children around. Those crackles and sparks can really prove a danger if you don’t have precautionary contingencies in place. Kids aside, the real key factor here to weigh out, is convenience. So what’s the answer?


No need to fear or fret further…

We’ve got you. The best alternative: a virtual fireplace. You heard it right. Virtual fireplaces can genuinely help you enter more placid states of rest to help contend with the daily grind. Nothing creates a more homey and soothing ambiance than a virtual fireplace.

Be it through your TV, computer or tablet, the details spell out the overwhelming advantages hands down. Think about it: who has the necessary resources and know-how to make a trek to the woods, take the right equipment, find the right place for good wood to gather materials for an evening fire?

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