When you’re at work, there come times where you simply feel like you can’t get anything done. Don’t feel bad, it’s not easy to always be 100% on-task and productive. There are some tricks you can use to help, though. Here are 5 ways to increase your productivity.

Take Care Of The Intense Stuff First

Productivity experts suggest starting your morning thinking about yourself, and not others. What does this mean? Don’t check your emails right away! Instead of tending to everyone else and what they need, get a start on your creative projects. It will be a huge help to you as the day progresses. Aside from work, try to get a quick workout in, and grab your favorite cup of coffee. When you ensure your needs are met first, it sets you up to take care of business later.

Woman Typing On Laptop

Multitasking Is The Enemy

Your job may require it, but if you can, try to avoid multitasking altogether. Many suggest that multitasking reduces your productivity and causes mental blocks. It may seem harmless to answer some emails on your phone while you design a graphic, but your brain feels the effects. It can seem difficult when you have people asking for multiple projects, but try your best to hone in on finishing one task at a time.

Woman Multitasking

Prepare A To-Do List

This seems obvious, everyone knows to-do lists are an amazing way to help keep you on task, but it comes with a twist. You may be used to starting your day by creating a to-do list, but it may serve you better if you end your day by creating a to-do list for tomorrow instead. If you start your day by writing everything you need to do down, you’ve already wasted valuable time you could have spent tackling your creative projects. It can also put you into panic mode at the beginning of your day, setting the tone for your mood for the remainder. 

Coffee and To-Do list

Now Cut Down Your To-Do List

Wait a minute. You told me to make a to-do list, and now you’re asking me to take items off the list? Let me explain. To-do lists are incredibly effective, but only when they are done properly. Having 10 items on a to-do list can easily overwhelm a person. It’s important to add only the most important tasks for the day that you know you can realistically accomplish. Otherwise, you may suffer from task fatigue.

Many to-do list sticky notes

Break Up Work Periods

If you’re able to, try to take breaks during your workday. You’ll have to experiment with what works for you, but try to set a timer for 30 minutes-one hour and grind away on a task you can complete in the time frame. Once that timer goes off, take 5-10 minutes to reset and get ready for your new task. Try to pick something for your break that you enjoy. Exercising is a great choice for breaking up your work periods. Time to use that company gym! 

Woman Exercising

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