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Don’t just watch. Reprogram.

Serenity. Now.

The world is filled with stress. Peace and tranquility, however, are hard to find. Yet, with Spectiv, they can be as close as your remote. Not traditional TV, Spectiv is 50 channels dedicated to brain training, with each designed to create an oasis. A place to find a mindfulness path to meditation.

Beautiful imagery and soothing music to help create the perfect atmosphere for meditation. So rather than a distraction, Spectiv becomes a way to clear your mind. To transcend the day. To listen to your inner self.


Television Rethought.

Turn on Spectiv, and there are no rapid-fire images and loud noises. No interruptions. No mindless chatter. There’s already enough of that on television as it is. Instead, we’ve created every Spectiv show with one idea in mind: To empty your mind of distractions, allowing you to drive out that which bothers you most. With exquisite video and calming music, we think we’ve succeeded.

Everything about
Spectiv is easy.

Imagine no distractions. Imagine the perfect combination of sight and sound, created specifically to empty your mind. Imagine a refreshed spirit. Whether in your home or in your yoga studio choose the setting among our channels and let Spectiv drive the world away. And because Spectiv is easy to get on Roku, Apple TV and even directly through us, even the purchasing is designed to create harmony.

Tune In. And Tune Out.

Impeccable videography, captured vividly. Scenery that gives flight to the imagination. Music chosen to create a sense of peace in the spirit. Our library of shows give you 30 minutes of contemplation inspired by nature, art, and the human imagination. Choose any of our stunning scenes and let them move you. Spectiv represents harmony in sight and sound, transporting your mind to a place of peace and serenity.

Calm. By design.

The grace and artistry of a Spectiv show doesn’t come easily. Instead, we search far and wide to find the perfect subjects, thinking through our shows to ensure that every frame speaks to your spirit. We then edit to create the closest thing possible to real life itself, only better. And our music is carefully chosen to evoke the mood you want. And this quest for perfection pays off when you sit down and seek inner peace.

Want to Meditate? Try these shows