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6K Resolution Video

Coming. The next generation in viewing.

While the rest of the world plays catch-up to the next generation of 6K video, Spectiv is already there. Every second of footage in our library is already shot on the RED 6K video camera. So when you’re ready for 6K, we’re ready for you.

And if you think 4K makes for spectacular viewing, well, you haven’t seen anything yet. Instead, imagine seeing every grain of sand. Every snowflake. Every ripple of water. The only thing missing from a Spectiv show will be the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

The experience is that real. And Spectiv will already be there to provide that kind of realistic viewing for you. Just turn it on, sit back, and go some place amazing. After all, when you have a vision, it requires thinking ahead.

6K: We make 6K a teleportation device.