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4K Resolution Video

Woman takes advantage of her 4K TV and watches stunning Spectiv videos.

It’s like being there. 

Imagine standing on a ski slope waiting for your turn on the lift. Or sunning yourself on a Gulf beach. With unmatched 4K video, we put you right there in the middle of the scene. Crisp, high-definition video for the ultimate in resolution, vibrant colors, and seamless HD video streams to you on Roku and Apple TV, uninterrupted.

How do we create such stunning video? State-of-the-art equipment for Ultra HD video married with the craft of cinematography and gorgeous shooting locations. Even if you don’t own a 4K TV, you can still watch Spectiv in HD. Spectiv still delivers uninterrupted content at unbelievable resolution. All you need to do is subscribe.

4K: Incredible realism. Extraordinary beauty.