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Spectiv for Home

Relaxing Spectiv show used for home decoration.

The world. Brought to you.

That’s right. Bring the streets of Paris into your den. Or a tropical beach into your basement. For wall décor, contemplate some of the world’s most treasured masterpieces. Whether for meditation, relaxation, or concentration, Spectiv brings all of this to your home. You’ll see it all without walking out your front door.  What’s more, your library of 4K video gets bigger with every month. So the Spectiv world gets bigger and better every month you watch. All you need is a TV with high-speed internet, along with Roku TV, Apple TV, or even a direct subscription from us. Then plug in as we bring you the world.

Explore the world.
Your inner self, too.

Every show we create offers something different. But every show has the same standard when taking your imagination to new heights.

Spectiv sets the mood for a relaxing living room.

Dozens of shows. Infinite possibilities.

Some people use Spectiv to travel the world from a comfortable armchair. Others watch it to zone out and meditate. Some play our shows while managing a stressful deadline. To others, it’s a great way to add color to the room while entertaining at home. And some just flick it on when they’ve had a stressful day.

In other words, there are a million different ways to put Spectiv to use in your life, sometimes in ways you’d never guess at first. For with unmatched resolution and a huge variety of things to see, the possibilities are well-nigh endless. The only limits are your imagination. Get Spectiv today. You won’t just be seeing television in a completely new light. You’ll see it ways you never believed possible.