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About Spectiv

Stunning sunset over the ocean by Spectiv Media.

How we bring the world to you.

It started in 2014. Todd Sparrow, our fearless leader, was at the beach when a thought occurred to him, “What if I could bring this amazing view as realistically as possible to my home?”  And an idea was born.

If you like the shows we offer now, don’t touch that dial. Even more amazing shows will come to you every month, taking you to places you’ve always wanted to go.

A boat zips through the clear ocean.

Not watching. Experiencing.

A great idea was our start. But we’ve put a lot of pieces into place since then to make our concept into stunning reality. Originally, Spectiv was a sideline for our global operations. Whenever we travel for our clients, we pack our high-resolution video equipment, too.

Then we scout for striking scenery that captures the spirit of a destination and wait for the perfect shooting day to capture a mood. The results are what you’ll see on our channels.

Yet, it’s not just impressive locations and unbeatable resolution. At the same time, we make look at every frame as a composition, ensuring the right balance of natural splendor and color adjustments. Marrying it with music, we take your television and turn it into something transcendent.

Subscribe today. Be awed tomorrow.

Spectiv is not another channel. It’s a life-changing experience for you. A way to enjoy viewing in an entirely new way.

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Snowcapped mountains and beautiful clear waters of the Pacific Northwest region by Spectiv Media.

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We have new shows in the works that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re looking for content to help you relax, stay productive at the work place or escape to another destination from the comfort of your own home, Spectiv is the service for you. Fill out our contact form to stay in the loop. You’ll be glad you did.