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Spectiv on Roku


Have Roku?

Smart. Because Roku gives you thousands of viewing options. So look for the Spectiv channel.

Easy to set up, easy to use.
With Roku, set up is easy as 1-2-3 on your HD device. Just plug in, download, and start enjoying all of the beauty that Spectiv has to offer.

Handles 4K Video like a champ.
Whether in your den or as wall décor, use your 4K TV to see Spectiv’s amazing content in its fullest glory.

When it comes to seamless, streaming television, Roku TV has millions of fans. And we’re one of them for how beautifully they handle our 4K content.

So look for the Spectiv in the Channel Store. And start enjoying amazing shows right away.

Seamless streaming content.
No hiccups. Just smooth streaming and great video whenever you want it.

Almost infinite variety.
There’s plenty to watch and new shows are coming out all the time. Take your living room all over the globe with different atmospheres and settings.