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Spectiv on Chromecast


Have Google Chromecast?

Coming in 2018!

Direct from the genuises at Google, Chromecast is redefining how you watch. While Spectiv redefines what you watch.

Amazing Selection.
In addition to Spectiv, 200,000 shows and 30,000,000 songs. Looks like you’ll be busy.

Just say it.
Pair Chromecast with a home device , say, “Spectiv” and tuning out has never been easier.

Made to be incredibly easy, Google Chromecast connects directly to your devices HDMI port. The perfect choice for Spectiv’s easy-watching shows.

4K? No problem.
Chromecast is ideal for showing our picture-perfect content.

Sets up in seconds.
Need your Spectiv fix? Connect to your device, connect to your WiFi, and you’re there.

Gorgeous yacht speeds through the water by Spectiv Media.