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Spectiv on Apple TV


Have Apple TV?

Coming in 2018.

With seamless interface and tons of channels, more and more are cutting the cord and turning to Apple TV. And you’ll find almost infinite choices–with Spectiv being first among them.

Made for 4K.
Apple TV 4K is ideal for showing our picture-perfect content.

Amazing Selection.
Amazing variety of 4K on those rare occasions you don’t want to watch Spectiv (Crazy, right?).

Whether it’s on your TV, your iPad, or your iPhone, Spectiv gives you incredible programming when and where you want it.

Watch on any device.
No matter what device you’re watching Spectiv on—your TV, iPad, or iPhone—incredible content is accessible for you at any moment.

Easy to use.
Streaming works seamlessly across all devices. So easy and simple, it’s almost as relaxing as Spectiv itself.