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Spectiv on Fire


Have an Amazon Firestick?

Coming in 2018!

Amazon Firestick gives you access to a huge array of streaming content. And Spectiv makes viewing complete.

Almost unlimited content.
Hey. Spectiv is just one of hundreds of thousands of shows and millions of tunes.

“Alexa, play Spectiv. “
And, boom. There you go. The only thing left to do is sit back and relax. And we mean relax.

It’s an amazing world. Hook up your Amazon Firestick in minutes, watch Spectiv. With Amazon’s Alexa, you may never need your remote, either. Or ever leave your cocoon again.

Supporting 4K.
Fire supports streaming 4K content. So you can watch Spectiv for hour after hour.

Sets up in seconds.
Easy to hook up to WiFi, easy to watch Spectiv, and hard to believe you could have ever done without it.