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How It All Clicks Into Place.

Here’s how to get turned on to Spectiv.

With shows this good and life changing, you’ve got to have Spectiv, right? We’ve made it incredibly easy. All you need is an TV, a high-speed internet connection, as well as the right Spectiv devices. If you have a 4K TV, you’ll get to experience Spectiv to its fullest potential.

Right now, our shows are available on Roku and Apple TV. What’s more, we’re making a good thing even better with more Spectiv devices coming soon. So get started. And start watching.



Where we started.

Premiering on Roku, Spectiv immediately gained an audience. And for good reason.  Roku gives you access to more than a half-million TV episodes and movies on free and paid channels alike, both on your Roku streaming device or on your Roku TV. Want to learn more? Visit today.

Apple TV.

Early 2018.

We’re excited to now be on Apple TV. Just like Apple’s other products, Apple TV is known for innovation and a huge array of entertainment options. One of which happens to be us. Learn more at


Coming soon in 2018!

Currently, we’re under development for Chromecast. When we are live, we’ll let you know. And trust me, we’ll be as glad to see you as you will to be watching us.


Coming Soon in 2018!

Currently, we’re under development for Firestick. Look for notifications from us. And look forward to tuning in to our amazing content.


Go straight to the source. Coming in 2018!

Don’t have Roku TV or Apple TV? That’s okay, because you can stream it on the web, straight from us. All you need is a subscription, along with a high-speed internet connection and HD TV or mobile device.